Trial Of Two Brothers For Horrifically Torturing Pit Bull! URGENT CALL TO ACTION!

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

Booking Photos

Booking Photos

SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT! Contact Information for Judge and both brothers below!

The trial of Two brothers (Benjamin Conley, 34, and Nicholas Conley, 31), both of Lansing, Michigan began Monday in Ingham County Circuit Court before Judge William Collette

The brother’ are on trial for the brutal, horrific torture of their mother’s pit bull. They face felony charges of animal torture and conspiracy to commit animal torture. Each faces up to four years in prison.

Witnesses have described seeing the dog hanging by a chain off the roof of the house, with Nicholas Conley holding the chain. The dog was suspended for several minutes, fighting to stay alive. A witness testified at preliminary hearing last year that Nicholas Conley stabbed the dog inside a crate.

On September 6th an Animal Control deputy was called to the house, which is located in the 1700 block of Illinois Avenue, by the brothers’ own mother who owned the dog. Upon arriving the deputy found the butchered, abused dog still alive. The dog was heaving while lying in a freshly dug hole. The dog had been stabbed multiple times and had a chain around their neck. The chain was attached to a cinder block to keep the dog’s head from being able to move. The dog was later euthanized.

The brothers’ mother has stated “There was no just cause or excuse for their actions”. The brothers are claiming self-defense. “In this case the victim doesn’t have a voice, so we have to be the voice for that victim,” said Deputy Kyle Hanney, who works for the Ingham County Animal Control.

Image taken from Nicholas Conley's Facebook

Image taken from Nicholas Conley’s Facebook

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first offense done by the Conleys. Nick was previously convicted of one felony and Ben has two prior felonies. Ben said he is “currently waiting on disability”.

To the left is a picture taken from Nicholas Conley’s Facebook Page and titled “My Shit”.
While I cannot confirm if this is in fact the poor dog who was brutally tortured and murdered it just might be.

Please contact the judge and urge him to do right by this dog and punish the deadly duo to the fullest extent of the law. 
It is imperative that a message is sent to the community that heinous acts of cruelty towards animals will not be overlooked.

CONTACT Judge William Collette
Phone: (517) 676-7223

Mail Judge – Veterans Memorial Courthouse,
313 W. Kalamazoo Street P.O. Box 40771 Lansing, MI 48901-7971



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By Sloane Quealy-Miner

UPDATE! 8/23/14 ADOPTED, It was truly meant to be. Nothing short of a miracle. Boris & Natasha will be together forever with their new people :)
imageBelle Harbor, NY (Queens) resident just lost her battle with cancer. She has left behind two 11 year old bonded dogs that NEED IMMEDIATE PLACEMENT!

The dogs are currently still living in the house alone but they have to be gone by end of August. An incredibly kind neighbor has been coming in three times a day to take care of them. Their names are Boris and Natasha and they are the sweetest, gentlest doggies.

Both walk extremely well on leashes and are easy to walk together. They are completely housetrained and also great with cats! Both dogs are healthy and up to date on shots.

They have been in this home since they were puppies. Please help Boris and Natasha find a new home. By the time their owner went to the doctor and found out she was sick she was already in stage three. Her cancer was so aggressive that she only lasted a few weeks. Both dogs comforted their owner till the very end. They were her earth angels and now we need to find theirs. Please won’t you open your heart and home to these precious dogs? They have so much love to give.

PLEASE SHARE! Don’t let them end up at Animal Care & Control!
CONTACT 917-648-9808









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Judge Suspends Sentences For Two Dog-Fighters – CALL TO ACTION

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

imageCircuit Court Judge George Sexton hands down suspended sentences to two dogfighters who pled no contest for running what is suspected to be the largest dog-fighting operation ever discovered in Tennessee. Avery Bell pled no contest to the dog-fighting charges as did James Callis. Shockingly, despite the no contest pleas, Judge George Sexton did not give them jail time but suspended sentences. Meaning they go free, and if they do not break the law, and comply with their probation terms, the sentence will most likely be dismissed.

The dogs were discovered on Buckeye Road in Ashland City on Thanksgiving night in 2012. The fire department responded to put out a fire Avery Bell admits to starting. When the fire department responded they realized they had something much bigger on their hands and called in animal protection services and law enforcement. In essence the fire that should have killed them actually saved their lives. No dogs were harmed in the brush fire but remains of other dogs were discovered on the property during the investigation. Dog-fighting paraphernalia was also found on the property, including a treadmill, a spring pole and weighted sled.

image65 abused, suffering dogs living with heavy chains around their necks were found on the property. “Some of them were so malnourished, with skin stretched so tightly over their bones, that they had open sores just from sitting on the ground.”
Animal Rescue Corp President Scotlund Haisley, whose group helped remove the dogs stated: “We believe this is the largest dog-fighting rescue in Tennessee history. The conditions Animal Rescue Corps found on this property are the worst I have ever seen at a dog fighting operation in my 22 year career in animal protection”

Pictured below is Honor. This gentle female pit bull has had all of her teeth removed, most likely so she could not fight back during forced breeding in a “rape cage”. ARC volunteers named her Honor for her quiet, broken spirit and yet her readiness to trust and love immediately.


How could Judge George Sexton let these monsters (Avery Bell, James Callis) go without being punished for committing countless heinous acts of cruelty? What kind of message does he think he is sending to the public? Or does he not care? Hearings for Gary Phelps and Arsenio Williams, the two other men charged in the case, are pending.

PHONE 931-296-7671 or 931-296-4544
Judge George Sexton
Humphreys County Courthouse
102 Thompson Street
Room #205
Waverly, TN 37185


Excerpt below from the article “Operation Broken Chain” by Heather Dowdy in the February/March 2013 issue if Nashville Paw Magazine
“To anyone who believes that there is anything inherently “vicious” or “unpredictable” about a pit bull, I would invite them to take inventory of the situation we have on our hands. If any dog has the right to be aggressive, mistrusting or unpredictable, it would be these dogs who have suffered torture at the hands of their greedy and unfathomably cruel owners. They have been forced to breed and fight against their wills; they have been broken and abused time and time again; and then, finally, seemingly left to starve to death among rocks and dirt on logging chains easily twice their own weight.

And yet, these pit bulls have been just as predictable as any pit bulls I have ever met: each one of them — with their scars and open wounds, with their broken bodies and spirits — greeted their rescuers with grateful kisses, hopeful tail wags and amazing trust. Some wanted to play, some wanted to snuggle, and even those who lie so beaten and crushed placed their heads into the palms of their rescuers, simply ready to be set free of the horrors they had known for far too long.”

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Pit Bull Loving Grandmother Single-Handedly Trying To Repeal BSL In Parma, Ohio-CALL TO ACTION

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

fight for my rights!

fight for my rights!

Denise Krawczyk Geschwender is a grandmother, paralegal, dog lover and now activist. She initially started her campaign to have the breed ban lifted in Parma, Ohio after falling in love with a pit bull named Hampton at the animal shelter she volunteers at. Denise wanted to adopt the dog but found out she couldn’t because of her city’s unfair and ineffective breed ban. “Hampton was eventually adopted, from a non-Parma resident. Although I was happy about his adoption, I felt very discriminated against because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to adopt him. I’m a responsible, law-abiding citizen, yet was being treated as if I was anything but,” she says.

Denise has repeatedly spoken at city council meetings, started petitions, and most recently has created a t-shirt that reads “Save A Pit Bull, Muzzle A Politician”. Denise has been protesting the ban all on her own in front of Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s house. In addition she goes door to door speaking to residents about breed specific legislation and is wearing her t-shirt all around town to get people talking about this issue. We at BSL News applaud Denise for standing up for what is right, even when it means standing alone. 

In 2012 Ohio Governor Kasich signed HB 14 into law. This repealed the state level BSL and redefined the dangerous dog laws. Ths state of Ohio now labels a dog “dangerous” based on their individual behavior, not on a very loose appearance based definition of breed.

Clearly there is much ignorance still to overcome in Ohio, as as is the case in Parma. If Mayor DeGeeter was truly dedicated to making the community of Parma safer he would not be taking the lazy approach to solving their communities dog issues by banning pit bulls citywide. Instead he would follow the state’s lead and push to strengthen and properly enforce dangerous dog laws. Factors beyond a dogs breed affect a dog’s tendency toward aggression – such as reproductive status, heredity, sex, early experience, and socialization and training. Breed specific legislation does not work, as its target is misplaced to the dog and not the owner. Criminals ignore breed bans along with other laws and breed bans give a false sense of security to the public.

Educate the Mayor as well as City Council regarding the ineffectiveness of BSL. Encourage them to do right by the people in their community as well as the animals.

Office: (440) 885-8001
Fax: 440-885-8012




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LIBERATOR shirt available at Hot Topic – profits benefit pit bull rescue work!

Matt Miner’s Black Mask Studios published LIBERATOR comic series about young vigilantes taking action for abused animals has been picked up as a T-shirt at Hot Topic, with 30% of profits to benefit animal rescue work.
From the backup story ‘UNLOCKING’ in the LIBERATOR volume 1 trade paperback (written by Fabian Rangel, Jr., art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, colors by Doug Garbark and letters by Crank!) the shirt features Jeanette, the woman lead of the series, pondering her teenage years with the caption “I learned more about life from punk and hardcore records than I ever did at school.”

Sales of the shirt can bring new readers to comics, important issues to new eyes, and crucial funding to pit bull rescue work.

The shirt is available NOW in select Hot Topic stores and online at  Find the LIBERATOR series of comics at your local comic shop or direct from the publisher at


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LIARS! Sources Say Girl’s Family Lies To Raise Money After Avoidable Dog Attack

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

Square Dog Photography—Getty Images/Flickr Select

Square Dog Photography—Getty Images/Flickr Select

Despicable family lies to public to line their pockets with money and cash. The family should be ashamed of themselves for so many reasons. Unbelievably they have managed to make a horrifying situation for the little girl Victoria Wilcher even worse. Poor Victoria was attacked by her grandfather’s three pit bull dogs when visiting him resulting in life changing injurues. Questions have been raised as to how the dogs were treated as well as if he was breeding them which would have everything to do with why the dogs attacked.

The media continually fails to acknowledge the relevance of stressful or inhumane situations that humans often force dogs to endure. At National Canine Research Council they urge people to consider what the world looks like from their dog’s point of view.

“There are at least two parties involved in a dog bite; a dog and one or more humans. Dog behavior cannot be understood or analyzed apart from humans, or the situations in which humans have placed dogs.”

Everyone is so quick to blame the dogs but what about the grandfather. Had he been a responsible grandfather and pet owner this NEVER would have happened. This was an easily avoidable tragedy. Nevertheless this has caused a flurry of articles to be published with much misinformation about pit bull type dogs.

One article in Time titled “The Problem With Pitbulls” even quoted Colleen Lynn. Colleen Lynn who runs DOGSBITE.ORG is not an expert in the field of canine behavior. She is nothing more than a woman with a grudge. Colleen was the victim of a dog bite in 2007. Because of this incident that involved one individual dog she has decided to enact revenge on ALL pit bull type dogs.

Colleen Lynn blatantly lies on her website when she claims that pit bulls lead dog bite fatalities. She gathers all of her information from media reports, no questions asked. Clearly she doesn’t ask questions because most of what is reported in the media surrounding pit bulls and “attacks” is incorrect and has been repeatedly proven to be untrue.

Many question the truthfulness of Colleen’s account of what happened to her in June of 2007. Her story has changed multiple times. Pit Bulletin Legal News thoroughly investigated the incident and published these never before seen documents. It is clear to myself and many others “that Ms. Lynn never published the Seattle Animal Control records regarding the investigation because the story she is now telling bears very little resemblance to what actually happened, and are in total conflict with the only other witness involved: the dogwalker.”

While Colleen’s blatant disregard for the truth on her website is not a surprise and not unexpected, it is important for all of us to have the correct information easily available. Thankfully there is the National Canine Research Council whose dedicated staff comb through the details of every dog bite related fatality.

I encourage everyone to spend time carefully reading the invaluable information on NCR’s website including the 2010 Dog Bite Fatalities NCR and 2011 Preliminary Dog Bite Fatalities Report

The National Canine Research Council “re-interviews sources the media has reached, and located others they have not, among whom may be police investigators, animal control officers, coroners, veterinarians, health department officials, dog owners, and eye witnesses. They have obtained incident reports, bite reports, human and animal autopsy reports, summaries of judicial proceedings, and crime scene data and photographs when available.

Access the National Canine Research Dog Bite Statistics HERE NCRC’s informative section on ineffective laws including breed specific legislation HERE FAQ’s regarding dog bites HERE and Breed Specific FAQ’s HERE

Dog bite-related fatalities are exceedingly rare. In 2010, 33 fatalities occurred within a population of more than 308 million and a canine population estimated at over 78 million. NCRC is currently investigating 31 incidents in a dog population of over 78 million that occurred during 2011 thay may qualify as dog bite related fatalities. A final tally is subject to change as a result of NCRC’s thorough investigations.

Stories about pit bull attacks are tragic, but isolated incidents. Those stories are blasted all over the news, but it’s stories like the ones below that people never hear about. These are the stories of pit bull heroes – the dogs who selflessly defend their families from heinous crimes, save other animals from certain death, and pull their human guardians to safety in times of danger. Stories about pit bull bravery and heroism are by themselves powerful arguments against breed specific legislation. PIT BULL HERO STORIES

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Save George’s Life, Send Him To Sanctuary – TIME SENSITIVE!

GeorgeGeorgeGeorgeUPDATE: June 20th -We have reached GOAL! George will be going to SANCTUARY! Thank you to everyone who shared and contributed! TO SAVE GEORGE’S LIFE PLEASE CLICK HERE

Meet George, This precious 1 year old little boy is depending on us to give him another chance at life. We rescued him from running the mean streets of Far Rockaway, New York on March 22, 2014. He was scared and showed signs of neglect. George went to our incredible vet for the next 10 days where he was neutered, fully vetted and loved by all.

George’s next stop was to his loving foster home. His foster parents, who also have another rescued pittie, welcomed George with open arms. They worked with him through his anxiety issues as well as separation issues that became apparent shortly after his arrival. George and the resident dog got along and often played but unfortunately a fight broke out between the two one day. In an effort to stop the fight George’s foster mom inserted herself in the fight in an attempt to break it up. Unfortunately this resulted in George causing her severe injury. Please know his foster parents want nothing more than for George to be safe. They love him very much.

While George may never re-direct and injure someone again, there is the chance he could. And because of this possibility and the severity of the injuries none of the many reputable rescues or trainers I have spoken to are willing to take George in. They would not be comfortable ever placing him in a home. Furthermore it has been repeatedly recommended to me to put him to sleep. George has been back at my vet now for almost two weeks while we have been desperately trying to find help for him. He is a sweet and loving boy and deserves another chance.

A wonderful Sanctuary has offered to take George. I personally know them and they are incredible. George would be worked with there, loved, and be able to run free on acres of land. He would have a real life.

In order for George to be able to go I have to raise the $5000 donation fee. This money helps take care of George and in the course of a dog’s life really isn’t that much. However right now, to me, it is unfortunately much more than I can pay. I am begging you to PLEASE HELP SAVE GEORGE’S LIFE by donating to send him to sanctuary.


George (2)


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