Camden,NJ- Officers open fire on crowded street, killing innocent pit bull puppy!

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

UPDATE 4/21 – Breedism is alive and well with law enforcement members. Breedism (the canine equivalent to racism) towards Capone and pit bulls in generals. It makes me sick!Check out their despicable comments. Not surprisingly only law enforcement members can comment.

Call To Action –  Speak up regarding this clear abuse of power by a Camden, NJ police officer. Contact the Camden, NJ Police Department, Mayor Redd, and the city council members. Emails:;;

All over the country we have seen an increase in unjustified killings by police of friendly, well adjusted dogs. In many cases pit  bulls.  It is clear to me that many officers believe they have a free pass to kill when it comes to pit bulls. These morally bankrupt cops have repeatedly used the tired defense that the dog was “vicious” or “aggressive” when in countless cases the witnesses have reported otherwise and in certain cases the courts have also ruled against the officers.  We can not continue to allow cops to kill innocent animals and put the lives of innocent people in danger.

On Friday, April 18th at approximately 9:00pm Camden, New Jersy police officers were investigating a fight between two neighborhood teenagers that had happened earlier that day. At the very same time, four houses down, eight month old pit bull puppy Capone was slipping through an accidentally opened door at owners Sherronda Aycox’s home. Little did Capone know that in a few minutes he would be dead, thanks to the irresponsible and deplorable actions of one of Camdens’ “finest” boys in blue. 

8 month old Capone

Sherronda Aycox describes her family’s 8-month-old blue pit bull as an indoor house dog who was friendly with neighborhood children. The dog, Capone, was headed toward the crowd of children he saw on his daily walks. “He was just trotting down the street and one officer pulled out his gun,” Aycox said.

“The cop said he felt like he was going to attack him,” said Aycox, “and he just shot at him. The one cop hollered ‘don’t shoot him’, but he shot him. When he shot him, the dog fell to the ground, was shaking and crying, but he just stood over top of him and kept shooting repeatedly.”

“He just came running out of the house,” said neighbor Kelly McCulley. “He plays with the kids all the time. He saw all the kids up there and that’s what he thought, that he was coming to play, and they just shot him over and over and over.”

Neighborhood children make memorial for beloved Capone

The dog was hit and fell in one area, but the bullets sprayed elsewhere, shooting out the window of a van that several women were getting ready to get into. The women say there were children everywhere.

Neighbors said they counted 33 rounds of bullets based on the police investigation on Saturday.

Neighbors say the dog was hit on one side of the street, but they found damage from police bullets on the other side of the street and several houses down. They say the officer’s bullets hit vehicles and even houses where there were innocent bystanders.

“For our community, we need the police to explain why it takes two clips for one dog,” said Kelly Lumpkin, who lives next door to David.

“We need to explain to children why the force needed to be so intense.

“I blame the police for using excessive force,” Lumpkin added. “Not for doing their job.”

Typically, Robert Corrales, spokesman for Mayor Dana Redd, said officers were trying to disperse a large crowd when an “aggressive” pit bull charged them.

UPDATE 4/19/11 – The Camden officers who sprayed bullets across a city neighborhood when they fired multiple rounds at a pit bull Friday have been placed on administrative duty while investigators review the bizarre shooting.

Speak up or your dog could be next!


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23 Responses to Camden,NJ- Officers open fire on crowded street, killing innocent pit bull puppy!

  1. Robert Miller says:

    This is terrible not only did they shoot an innocent dog AGAIN but they could have killed innocent bystanders as well and how many bullets does it take to MURDER an INNOCENT animal two at the most . The pup was only going to see the kids and you know whats sad about this ? the cops that did it will get away with it . It makes me sick . Hope you are proud of youself you prick . I live in Canada and i hope it never happens to my dogs or anyone else out of all the dogs that have been shot by cops lately as far as i know none of them were aggresive to the cops it has to stop .

  2. Robert Miller says:

    This cop should be FIRED right away 33 rounds come on for a little puppy if i were that cop id be so embarrased i would quit if it was 1 of mine i would be all over him he would have to shoot me to .

  3. LOL Dogdead says:

    The cop was a smart cop. He saved how many lives by eliminating this damn beast.
    Glad it is gone.
    Good riddance!

    • Chelsea Finlayson says:

      To LOL Dogdead, you are truly a sick person with no compassion or sympathy! Don’t you realize this idiot pigshit could have shot an innocent bystander? You dumb person! This dog was somebody’s PET a part of their family that they loved! What if somebody shot someone in your family? huh!? How would you feel about that? You are pathetic and I hope that someday, somebody will teach you a lesson!

      • shorty says:

        Dogdead: your ignorance is part of the problem in this country. You think what he did was justified? …and hence, this is how the vicious cycle continues. When will people like you EVER learn??? That cop didn’t save any lives, and he is lucky he didn’t cause more deaths than the dog with his erratic behavior!! That cop should hang his head in shame and quietly hand over his gun and his badge, never again to own a firearm. That is uneccesary and unacceptable!!

    • Douglas Ward says:

      An 8 month old puppy IS NOT a monster.YOU COLD PRICK!The pig fired 33rds.Damaging houses & cars as well.Putting people & children at risk.THAT’S NOT SAVING LIVES!Cops like that,like people like you,MAKE ME SICK!!

    • Matt says:

      People, please don’t feed the troll.

  4. Chelsea Finlayson says:

    That is disguisting! an 8 month old BABY ! That is what the officer shot! It was a puppy, which in my oppinion was not going to attack anyone! On top of that there was kids everywhere, what if that pig shot one of the kids? Wouldn’t he be in a lot of trouble? Yes, he would! Because that is a child.. apart of someones family, they have their whole lives ahead of them.. If you think about it though, that is exactly what this guy did! He killed a young puppy that was apart of someone’s family. A sweet innocent puppy! And, why? because it was a pitbull. No excuse! That is really disappointing! This man does not deserve to be called a cop, but an idiot scum bag, dimsighted peice of shit who killed someone’s beloved family pet! It’s not fair to the family, it was not fair to the children to see that and in my oppinion this ass owes that family BIG time! These people that witnessed that definately need to speak up and protest against what these pigs have been doing! This needs to be punished and discontinued. Yes there may be pitbulls out there that are not friendly and have issues but I have heard of a LOT more friendly, outgoing, loving and gentle pitbulls out there. This is just completely wrong ! To see a stranger decide that your dog is not worthy of living because it is a pitbull and have no control over that!? This world is a sick sick place!

  5. Robert Miller says:

    Dogdeads a little Bitch that should keep his stupid opinion to itself !

  6. Jan says:

    If this were my dog I would own that police department. If I were a by stander I would also own that poilce department…until these police departments and cities start gettin sued they will always do this kinda of stuff….

  7. Holly Genovese says:

    I am sick over this, we need to legally address the increasing tendency of law enforcement to use deadly force against animals, specifically dogs but any animal that is not posing an obvious and immediate threat to life. I am terrified for my two big dogs now because of what is going on and I am sick over this situation. A pit bull puppy that was trotting over to play with neighborhood children was shot by a cop in New Jersey even as his partner was shouting not to shoot. This officer should have been arrested by his partner!
    Another dog that was shot last week was only 12 lb and the officer would have shot the other dog if the partner had not stopped him. There was also a puppy shot last week because the officer was afraid. And in recent months we have seen videotapes of arrogant cops shooting dogs that posed no dangers.
    A person who has this much fear of an animal should not be allowed to carry a gun and should certainly not be an officer of the law. They are cowards and deserve to be arrested for the illegal use of deadly force. The one way to get law enforcement and city government to look at this and change perceptions is through the wallet. I hope this family, and all these families sue! RIP little babies…:-(

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  9. LOL Dogdead says:

    Lol he got rid of the savage dog who would have attacked someones child or grandma for no reason.
    You people are funny.
    You make me laugh.
    The cop was wrong in opening fire int he neighborhood like he was some modern day Rambo, for that he should be reprimanded, but for killing a damn dog…yeah some of you people need to get your priorities straight. I will check on this later, after I am done volunteering at the food kitchen that helps feed hungry adults and children, you know actual human beings.
    So I hope most of you open your eyes and stop worrying so much about a dang flea bag.

    • BSL News says:

      LOL Dogdead, Baltimore, – stop trolling on your work’s internet.

    • Chelsea says:

      A dang flea bag? Really? And you’re saying you work at a food kitchen that helps the homeless? Get real ! I don’t believe for one second that you do. For your information, my priorities are straight and I’ll tell ya they don’t lie with scumbags like you! I love animals they are my life I would prefer to help an animal than a human like you! People like you are pathetic and you make me SICK! I hope you cholk on your words! Have a terrible day.

  10. Jann Kelley says:

    Dogdead, You are poor excuse for a Human. You are probley 11-12 yrs. Old and trying to stir the pot. NO ONE is interested in what you say. Go Eat your dinner at the food kitchen with the others, and grow up.

  11. Patti Koehne says:

    I am appalled at what I just read, as I too have lost a Pittie due to AC, and their unjust ways. They claim that they do not practice BSL, however their actions show otherwise. This discrimination and ignorance that prevails in this country is completely outrageous, and unbelievable. Are we going to move in a direction where there will be laws that prohibit large and medium sized dogs in cities, just due to peoples unfounded fears? I can remember growing up in Milwaukee, WI., recalling horses and wagons on the streets, however horses are no longer allowed. This will also be the fate of all larger dogs someday, as ignorance is alive and well, especially when human’s fear is greater than their quest for knowledge. I will always stand by the APBT and strive to protect the breed.

  12. Mark Deane-Smith says:

    Hi to everyone. I live in Australia, and read the stories about the American Pitbull Terriers. The story from Camden is really sad. However, I don,t think it helps to call Police “pigs”, because after all they are people. We also have BSL here and it’s garbage like anywhere else.
    I don’t understand how the Police are trained in America. But where is the real problem? If you have BSL in the laws, then how can you get any justice?
    If I lived in America, I would say that the dog called Capone shouldn’t be forgotten.
    He should be remembered as a National Hero. Or at least, make a plaque or a statue to remember him. I would also like the American Pitbull Terrier to be made the NATIONAL DOG OF AMERICA. I think that they deserve this.

  13. doglover says:

    Dear pathetic dogdead you will not be missed…

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  15. Charlie C. says:

    As a part time cop, I believe that the “police officer” ( I use quotation marks because of his disgraceful and unprofessional conduct.) in question has no business in law enforcement. We regularly deal with dogs of all breeds and in over nine years “on the jpb” I have never encountered a dog that i couldn’t handle without injuring it. The small town in which I serve doe not have animal control, so the job falls to us and we have yet to injure a dog. The officer who put 33 rounds into an non-threatening dog needs to be removed from law enforcement and placed in a job more in keeping with his capabilities — perhaps street sweeping, although even that might be beyond his capabilities. He most certainly should be removed from law enforcement and it is my sincere hope that the family of the dog he “murdered” sues him for every penny he is worth.

    Charlie C.
    Florence, AL

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