Dog Wars / KG Dogfighting Android Dog Fighting Game: Influencing and Instigating Animal Cruelty

by Matt Miner


This morning I received the following email from regarding one of the articles written here at BSL News about this reprehensible KG Dogfighting/ Dog Wars dog fighting game for Android tablets and smart phones.

I’m posting it here in response to every single pompous loudmouth know-it-all who’s been sitting behind their computer screen and shouting “It’s just a game – nobody is going to go out and start fighting dogs because of it!”

So to every jackass who thinks they’ve figured out the entirety of humanity and wrongly assume that nobody on Earth could be so weak willed as to let a dog fighting game influence their real life activities, this one’s for you:

Click to Enlarge

Text of the email reads:

“Ha ha it’s not gone. I hope that game never goes away. I started playing this last month and went to my first real dog fight last night. I graduated from that game and the real thing is WAY BETTER!!!! WHAT A RUSH. So sad that dogs die? They’re just dogs, ppl – things! Stupid things that were bred to fight and die!!!

I found ur stupid article trying to find pits 4 sale and equipment for fights. Hell YAH I will start fighting dogs!!! They making all kinds of money!!!!

DOG WARS rules but real thing is better~!”

Pit bull dogs are “stupid things that were bred to fight and die”, according to this newfound fan of dog fights…

Absolutely sickening, and Kage Games LLC claims they made Dog Wars/ KG Dogfighting as some sort of social statement against animal cruelty.  Unbelievable.

Call to Action: We encourage people to continue their efforts to convince Google to drop this game’s add-on pack called “Dog Bucks” from the Android Market.  Android is an open source operating system, which means Kage Games can still peddle their filth elsewhere, but taking this application off the Android Market will have financial consequences for Kage Games, the scum who look to profit from this evil.

  • Flag this application as inappropriate here.  The application’s name is “KG Dogfighting/ Dog Wars”, the 2 add-on applications are named “Dog Bucks”, and the developer is Kage Games LLC
  • If you’re an Android device user, search “KG Dogfighting/ Dog Wars” and “Dog Bucks” in the Android Market application.  Flag all 3 of them from your device as well.
  • Email Google at and ask they remove KG Dogfighting/ Dog Wars and both Dog Bucks packs from the Android Market.  As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so feel free to attach a photo of a victim of dog fighting
  • Sign the petition to Google and Android demanding KG Dogfighting/ Dog Wars and related Dog Bucks apps be banned from the Market
  • Email Kage Games at and ask them how they sleep at night.  Their application demonizes dogs, perpetuates breedist and racist stereotypes, and inspires future dog fighters.
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7 Responses to Dog Wars / KG Dogfighting Android Dog Fighting Game: Influencing and Instigating Animal Cruelty

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  3. I’m fairly certain this was sent just to aggravate people and is likely false. But, I could also be wrong. Regardless, this fight really does not bear fruit with the way the Android Marketplace works. They can keep changing the name of the app and then everyone has to flag it all over again. Or they can release it under a name that doesn’t suggest the content of the game, like “virtual boss” or anything like that and direct people to that app.

    Again, I find it disheartening that someone would release a game like this, but that is the nature of the human race. If people want to make something, they will make it.

    Since there is no pre-screening, even truly illegal apps can be on the market for a while before they are removed. Keep on flagging if you so desire, but all it takes is a slight hangs and it’s back on the market again.

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  5. gc8624 says:

    So there’s no point in taking and stand and protesting, because the perpetrators might do it again. No point in punishing thieves and murderers because it will only discourage the few, it will not stop everyone else on the planet from doing it. Why bother even donating time and resources to famine or disaster relief, it’s not going to cure the problem today!
    This kind of fatalistic attitude stops the human race from evolving. We must make a noise when we see injustice. If we stand by in silence it is as bad as supporting it.
    Together we CAN make a difference. Don’t lose hope because you can’t see an immediate end to the transgression. Keep cleaning up the graffiti, and keep protesting against animal cruelty in all its forms, and eventually the pathetic minority who persist in this idiocy will find something else to occupy their tiny minds.

  6. Yeah that E-mail was clearly not fake. Are you serious? I have never been, heard off or even talked to someone that claimed he has been to a dog fight. Do they happen? of course they do. But they are extremely rare things usually linked to organised crime. Not something the vast majority of people can go and try out. And if they are likely to try it out is certainly not because of some dumb app. The only thing your doing is (remeber that there is no such thing as bad press) giving these idiots more free ads.

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