Puppy Killer Michael Vick VS. Baby Killer Casey Anthony

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

Michael Vick fans have been busy whining lately about tot mom Casey Anthony’s not  guilty verdict. Not because they are outraged that a baby killer will go unpunished, but because Vick served prison time and tot mom will not. These sharp shooters seem to forget that Michael Vick pled guilty, killer Casey Anthony did not.  In a perfect world DEXTER would not be a fictional character and would also take on animal abusers. But unfortunately this is not the case. Instead we are stuck with a justice system that is broken.

Michael Vick murdered countless dogs and his minute prison stint is a joke in comparison to his heinous crimes. Michael Vick fought dogs for sport, and when they didn’t win him money he hung, drowned, electrocuted or shot them. He tied innocent dogs to rape stands for the brutal practice of mating. Not to mention the beatings and the syringes full of drugs forcibly injected into the dogs. It was hell on earth for the dogs at Bad Newz Kennels who had no say in their actions. And though some made it out alive, many of the dogs continue to suffer to this day. Yes, Michael Vick spent time behind bars. But since his release he is celebrated, idolized and rewarded for his bad behavior by making millions. Most recently Nike signed Vick to a four year endorsement deal.

Michael Vick fans make me sick. While searching for the perfect words to summarize the type of people they are I came upon this fantastic quote from the FB page The Rally Against Michael Vick.  “The thing about Vick supporters is that they are mostly all ignorant to the facts of the case, they spout arguments about race, religion, “he did his time, and usually conclude with “get over it.” Their comments usually contain vulgarities, inaccuracies, and generalizations about those of us that fight against Vick every day. That in and of itself should tell you something about Vick himself.”

I whole heartedly believe Michael Vick is not a changed man, nor does he have any remorse for the heinous acts of cruelty he bestowed on countless dogs. Killer Casey Anthony being set free is just the latest example of our broken system. Our system doesn’t hold animal abusers, murderers or child abusers accountable for their actions. Yet huge sentences are handed down to countless activists who never harmed anyone.  People like the SHAC 7 , Walter Bond, Steve Murphy, Barry Horne , Peter Young just to name a few.

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7 Responses to Puppy Killer Michael Vick VS. Baby Killer Casey Anthony

  1. I have been wondering ever since the Vick story first broke whether the term “rape stand” is justifiable, or whether it’s needlessly sensational.

    To speak of copulation between dogs as “rape” implies there is some consensual element, which is pure anthropomorphism. When dog breeders chosse a pair to produce a litter, it’s usually based on some characteristic they are seeking. At best this would be the equivalent of an “arranged marriage” between humans.

    I don’t think the use of breeding stands is confined to the bully breeds. When dogs are bred it’s a little different from human copulation. A “tie” needs to be maintained for at least five minutes, preferable longer. If the female attempts to forecefully break this tie, both dogs can be injured. Knowledgable dog breeders supervise the encounter to prevent injury, and in most cases will assist by steadying one or both dogs. The bigger and stronger the dogs, the more difficult this becomes.

    And the use of restraining devices on dogs is not limited to planned breeding. You might restrain a dog for artificial insemination, grooming, dental work, nail trimming.

    Many people will think this is a pointless distinction, but in my opinion we need to be factually accurate and emotionally neutral as we discuss animal abuse. Moral outrage can be expressed without exaggeration, and when it is, there’s less room for someone who may disagree to quibble with that outrage.

    The parallel to the Casey Anthony trial is sensible, but people have difficulty discussing that killing and trial without going overboard. I suspect that few people think Casey is innocent in the death of her daughter. We may all agree that she is despicable, but that does not relieve the state of its burden to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which according to the jurors it did not.

  2. hkonnoff says:

    I really have no opinion one way or the other regarding the term “rape stand.” As far as I’m concerned, all you need to do is to look at those dogs who survived Vick’s ownership to understand that he is one horrific excuse for a human being. I think the whole argument as to whether or not one term in a litany of plainly horrible charges is sensationalist is a red herring and deserves little to no attention.

    People who disagree with the position that I hold-that animal abuse of this caliber is as serious as child or elder abuse-are either speaking from a philosophical position that hinges on much larger issues than semantics, or they sincerely don’t care and nothing will change them short of some personal stake in the matter.

  3. In my book, anyone who tries to use the myth that “Michael Vick served his time so you need to just get over it” has absolutely no right to complain about the Casey Anthony verdict. Before I go any further let me be crystal clear – I am in NO WAY comparing the act of killing a child with the act of killing a dog. I am comparing two criminal prosecutions of violent offenders and their respective sentences.

    Michael Vick pled guilty to federal and state charges of dogfighting, and interstate gambling. He recived a 2 year sentence in a federal prison on the gambling, and a 3 year SUSPENDED sentence on the dogfighting. In Vick’s case there was physical evidence seized, forensic eveidence in the form of 9 canine corpses that corroborated the eyewiness testimony. And we had 50+ other dogs who still bore the physical and psychological scars of their “employment” at Bad Newz Kennels. Casey Anthony has maintained her innocence. There is no physical or forensic evidence that a murder even occured, let alone that it was perpetrated by Ms. Anthony. However, Ms. Anthony faced atria – a judge, and a jury or her peers. The prosecutor was unable to build an incotrovertible case, whether because of a lack of evidence or a poorly contructed case – that arguement will likely rage for months or years to come, ala Marsha Clark. Michael Vick never faced a trial. The prosecutor in his case made it clear to investigators that he wasn’t very comfortable with the thought of being part of bringing down a young man he was as a cultural icon. But rather than recuse himself (as Vick’s attorneys originally requested, since Poindexter had represented Vick’s father in a civil matter a few years earlier) he cut the superstar athlete a sweetheart deal – plead guilty to 1 charge of state dogfighting and get a 3 yr suspended sentence, and all the other charges will be swept under the rug.

    Ultimately, Anthony will serve about 2.5 years for lying to investigators, and Vick served 1.5 years for promoting gambling across state lines. Anthony could have faced life in prison or death. Vick could have faced over 60 years in state prison. But in both cases, the guilty parties will have “served their time” as proscribed by the courts. So if you are on the Vick bandwagon and believe that it’s time to “get over” Mike, then unless you are a collosal hypocrite, you need to “get over” Casey. She should be free to resume her life, get her old job back, pen an endorsement deal with Nike to shill for their toddler sneakers, maybe even get a “Mother of the Year” award from some obscure cable TV network. At least in a Vick apologist’s world.

  4. @hkonnoff – As I wrote in my original entry here: Many people will think this is a pointless distinction, but in my opinion we need to be factually accurate and emotionally neutral as we discuss animal abuse. Moral outrage can be expressed without exaggeration, and when it is, there’s less room for someone who may disagree to quibble with that outrage.

    It’s my opinion. You are free and welcome to disagree. But please do not attack me by characterizing this as a “red herring.” I’m inclined to think that you did not read my post beyond the first sentence before reacting.

    I appreciate and share your passion for the issue, your anger about the exceptionally lenient treatment given to Vick, and the fact that the whole mess had no meaningful consequences for him. But I believe that justice, like revenge, is best served cold.

  5. Ian Ziggler says:

    Ray Lewis murdered a human being and is one of the most popular players in the NFL. The fact of the matter is people care more about animals being killed than people. Hundreds of people are brutally murdered everyday across the country and you hardly every hear about it. I am not saying hurting an animal is okay, but in no way does it come close to hurting a human being. The NFL is full of criminals, if you are going to chastise one you need to do it to them all.

    • BSL News says:

      You are totally incorrect Ian. Murdering an animal is just as heinous as murdering a human. Like humans animals are sentient beings and feel things like we do. All animals should be treated with the same respect as children who like them have no say in where they live or what is done to them. Shame on you for being so callous.

      Furthermore Ian, in no way do I need to go after everyone who hurts humans just because I am holding those accountable who hurt animals. The animals are just as important. And there is plenty of coverage of humans killing humans as well as countless groups dedicated to helping victims as well as survivors of violent crimes.

      Sloane Quealy-Miner

  6. You guys are missing one fundamental piece. There was a co-worker at my job and we stumbled upon a conversation about football. she is a giants fan and i am an eagles fan. unlike most rabid eagles fans i actually like the giants and eli is one of my favorite players. so as the conversation progressed she mentioned how she hated vick for killing dogs. i immediately retreated to the argument of how he did his time for the crime. she then said well what if he killed kids. i was dumbfounded because i felt that she blind sided me knowing where to go with the argument. i then thought of my two little boys and how they should not be compared to dogs or any animal for that matter. my retort was “well dogs are not kids” her immediate reply was “well they are to me”. i have to admit that that gave me a new and different perspective on the whole situation. i later came to find that she could not have kids so instead she adopted dogs instead. she treats them well and has a strong affinity for them. i cannot argue or disagree with this lifestyle choice and if you can recognize the personality and flesh out the anthropomorphic attributes of a dog then who am i to argue. all i can say is that another young inner city fellow in Philadelphia was captured and convicted of dog fighting transgressions on par with vick’s atrocities and he was sentenced to house arrest. if you compare that to vick’s sentence i think the difference is clear. also, i appreciate the explanation given by Jamie FitzGerald cause that puts things into perspective. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Man-Arrested-in-Dog-Fighting-Bust-Cops–140636903.html

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