Boycott Barnes & Noble! Puppy Killer Michael Vick Scheduled For Multiple In Store Book Signings – CALL TO ACTION

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

Contact Barnes & Noble and let them know what you think. If you happen to be near a Barnes & Noble Store please go inside and place a copy of The Lost Dogs over a copy of  Puppy Killer Michael Vick’s book.



B& N Facebook Page HERE
B&N Corporate Comment Page HERE
CALL (800) 962-6177
In Store Signings HERE

UPDATE 3/12/13BSL News has learned that B&N canceled Michael Vick in-store book signings. They have cited threats of physical violence as the reason. We do not condone threats of physical violence and feel it is too bad that B&N didn’t cancel for ethical reasons and that it took such extreme measures for them to do the right thing.

To Barnes & Noble Decision Makers,

Either you forgot or you just don’t care that Michael Vick murdered countless innocent dogs. Maybe you feel that dogs don’t count. I, along with many other animal rights activists and advocates are here to tell you that they do. If Barnes & Noble wouldn’t have books signings for a serial killer whose victims were human, then you shouldn’t have book signings for one whose victims were animals.

Michael Vick fought dogs for sport, and when his players (dogs) didn’t win him money he hung, drowned, electrocuted or shot them. He tied innocent dogs to rape stands for the brutal practice of mating. Not to mention the beatings and the syringes full of drugs forcibly injected into the dogs. It was hell on earth for the dogs at Bad Newz Kennels who had no say in their actions.

Even though some of the dogs made it out alive, many of those dogs continue to suffer to this day. Yes, Michael Vick spent time behind bars. But his minute prison stint is a joke in comparison to his heinous crimes. He should not continue to be celebrated, idolized and rewarded for his bad behavior by making millions in blood money.

Whether for business or leisure I will never buy anything from Barnes & Noble again. Shame on you for contributing to Sick Vick’s success.

Sloane Quealy-Miner

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31 Responses to Boycott Barnes & Noble! Puppy Killer Michael Vick Scheduled For Multiple In Store Book Signings – CALL TO ACTION

  1. L’ha ribloggato su prima Veree ha commentato:
    Ancora in giro, ‘sta MERDA?!?

  2. Michael Vick, torna all’inferno dal quale sei venuto, soulles shit!

  3. Majela Urbay says:

    Michael Vick sucks

  4. Lisa Frymark says:

    Just so everyone knows, that corporate comment page I don’t think gets seen by Barnes & Noble. Go directly to their site or Facebook page.

  5. You need to twitter as well facebook will start deleting these comments and ban people. #Barnesand Noble #MichaelVick

  6. Barnes and Noble, you guys disappoint me big time. How can you allow this monster in your stores. What kind of an example are you setting??

  7. I signed the petition and will post on their FB as well. I also plan to call as many of their local branches to file my protest today.

  8. Has anyone actually read the book or is the ‘call to action’ just a knee jerk reaction? You know, fighting BSL could use someone like Michael Vick, if and only if, he is dedicated to actually making good on the terrible things he did. I’m not so sure I understand the vitriol going his way when he did his time, and didn’t HAVE to try and do good with the public, or dogs; but he did and he is at the very least trying which is more than we can say for any of the others out of prison.

    All I’m saying is that in the fight against breed restrictions we need more mind-changers and less extremists who are willing to spew hate just the same as the other side. Would you want to buy a toy for a 5 year old who is kicking and screaming inside the store or one who did their chores before you left?

  9. Vick should be rotting in prison, not being rewarded and praised for being a sadistic sick butcher and abuser of animals. Shame on Barnes and Noble. And shame on anyone who promotes this piece of human garbage as a role model for the American people. No wonder the USA is so sick and violent when this is what kids aspire to be when they grow up.

  10. Bobby Swoope says:

    You need to get over your bullshit and leave Michael Vick along. I don’t see some of you out here boycoting these high as gas food prices that’s killing this nation! So get over it already.

    • pplancon says:

      So, you support Michael Vick as an animal abuser, or because he is black? High food prices and gas prices are not killing anyone. You must be as sick as Michael Vick if you support his actions.Whether Michael Vick served his time, apolgized or because of public distain, has changed his ways is of no consequence. Whatever lives within a human being to kill, torture, mame and abuse animals, without question, lives within them to do the same to human beings. If one is not a pet lover, I say fine, many people arent, however they do not abuse animals. Michael Vick is a sick twisted human being, much like a serial killer. He will never be reformed, only contained or constrained until, when no one is watching, will strike again. I boycott Barnes and Nobel and whomever the publisher of this book is as well. Shame on Barnes and Noble and their greedy need for profit at the expense of defenseless animals, shame on Michael Vick for his sickness and brutality and shame on anyone who buys this book.

      • jahq1 says:


      • pplancon says:

        jahq1 – no where in any of my posts have I stated any type of bigotry. Maybe your the one who is rascist or just hyper sensitive. Or maybe you cant see beyond the race card, to admit that what Vick did is horrible.

  11. All of you men and women who talk about Michael Vick as if he is the only person to ever had a dog fighting ring going on are out of your mind. I’m an animal lover myself and as much as i didn’t enjoy the way Michael has treated those poor animals and even had, i don’t know how many killed, the fact still remain that he did his time for his actions. With that being said i know full well if it was some random person who isn’t famous you all if not most wouldn’t even bother with them. Not to belittle animals at all, but there are so much more problems that you men/women should be worried about, Gas prices, Job loss, Murders etc. Lastly the man did his time and is now trying to write his wrong so why not give him the chance to do something that we all can’t ? and let him give to these puppy’s/dogs food, homes, shelters etc…… (Also don’t bother trying to make an argument with me this is just my opinion)

    • pplancon says:

      Im not arguing with you, but I fail to see logic in your comments. Michael Vick, a public figure and a role model to many, made a CHOICE. He chose poorly. He is not the only one to have a dog fighting ring, however, he is the most notorious. Until heinous crimes such as these are brought to the publics attention, its difficult to comment on what you dont know. But we all do now know of Michael Vick and his hatred of living, breathing, animals. How can you even compare innocent lives to gas prices and job loss. Its not even in the same category. One is tangible and one is in-tangible. Murder ? well, get the gangs, drugs and guns off the streets. That pretty much will cut down on those problems. Change and awareness begins from within…..people need to take a pro-active stance for what they believe. I believe all animals have the right to an abuse free life, I work hard to see that happen in my community. Do you?

  12. “Shame on Barnes and Noble and their greedy need for profit at the expense of defenseless animals, shame on Michael Vick for his sickness and brutality and shame on anyone who buys this book.”
    Really? You can’t simply be interested in this book? You’re saying that by buying the book, you’re feeding Michael Vick’s (nonexistent) addiction to killing animals? And Barnes & Noble is advocating animal abuse? Somehow I don’t think that’s what’s happening here.
    I think a man who served jail time for mistakes he made wrote a book and is now selling it. That’s it.

  13. pplancon says:

    The court system came up with a plea bargain and an arbitrary manner for Vick to “pay for his crimes”. The court of public opinion will NEVER agree that justice has been served. Yes, I am sure many will buy the book just because of curiousity, however, I believe the biggest question is this. Why should ANYONE profit from a story such as this? I did not say B&N was advocating animal abuse, I said they were profiting from it. Michael Vick is profiting from it. And those who purchase the book are lining the pockets of both. If Vick wanted to make a statement, tell his story, if B&N wanted people to be aware and informed of the dog fighting industry, why not just give the book away? or give 100% of the profits to organizations to fight animal neglect and abuse. Not a mere 10%. Pathetic. How fair is it for Vick and others to profit because of the savage treatment dogs received in his dog fighting kennels.

  14. Leave Michael Vick alone? Pah-Leez!! I will never forget what he did- ever!! And I will continue to remind people of what he did should their memories ever falter!! And I have sent a tersely worded E-mail to B&N telling them what I think as a customer of theirs, or will it be “former” customer” depending on what they do.

  15. Not once, have i ever read remorse for what he did. I read he was sorry for what he did to his family, his life, etc. Never once have I heard remorse for the abuse and torture he inflicted on these dogs. Well B&N is on my list with Subway and heck I’ve always hated the Beagles.

  16. jahq1 says:

    Descendants of the greatest criminals the world has ever known , judging someone else’s criminality , what a damn joke !!!!!!

    • pplancon says:

      As a law abiding citizen, its my perogative to judge anyones, criminality. I dont even think that is a word. Im not judging Vick because he is black, I could care less of his race, I judge him based on HIS actions. An animal abuser.

  17. “Judge ot, lest ye be judged.” He did his time. PEOPLE DO CHANGE! I imagine you are the type of people who believe somebody who was put in jail at the age of 20 for a murder has not paid for it after spending 50 years in jail!

    • pplancon says:

      As the people I associate with, typically, do not commit crimes nor spend time in jail, i dont give much thought to this. However, I am sure the family of the murder victim, do not feel that 50 years of jail time will ever bring back their loved one nor would there be a satisfactory type of punishment, other than the death penalty, to equate a life for a life. If your gonna quote the bible, read the entire thing. God does believe in an eye for an eye.

  18. All you who support him just remember if he would do the same to your momma and he would for the money ! He may not be the only one doing this but he sure is making the most money now isnt’ he? Why don’t you all ask him to pay for your gas so you don’t die, you poor souls.

  19. Daphne Hamm says:

    Barnes and noble has cancelled the book signings!!!

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