FAR ROCKAWAY – 5/10/13 Stray Pit Bull Hit By Car Outside Our House – PLEASE HELP

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

DATE 6/29/13: Marky has gone to his foster to adopt family!

UPDATE 5/27/13: Marky is now in a loving foster home! He is ready for ADOPTION. Marky is 1 years old, 70lbs, and LOVES to CUDDLE and give KISSES :) He is also great with other dogs. CONTACT BSLNEWS2011@gmail.com or 917-648-9808.

Please help me!

Please help me!

UPDATE 5/20/13: Marky is doing really well! His scrotum area, which was cut up from being dragged by the car  that hit him is almost all healed up. He is still at our vet though as we do not have anywhere for him to go. MarkyMarkyMarky

5-10-13, A stray male pit bull was hit by a car this morning outside our house in Far Rockaway at approximately 7:30 this morning. Matt was alerted to the accident by our neighbor who saw this precious boy get struck by a speeding car who never stopped.  Upon being hit the dog fell to the ground and let out a scream. Our neighbor banged on our door and got Matt and together they brought this baby to safety in our yard.

Marky's injuryMatt observed blood in his anal area so while he tended to the dog, now called Marky, I made an emergency page to our vet’s office and made arrangements to bring him in immediately. A full exam including a rectal exam were done and revealed no internal bleeding and no broken bones.  During the examination the vet discovered that the blood was coming from his scrotum. He was dragged by the car down the street on this area. The vet is keeping him for continued observation for the next few days while also giving him antibiotics. He has been given all his shots as well. Marky is just about 1 years old and he weighs in at 68lbs.

With all Marky has been through he has had the sweetest disposition. He is an incredible loving and friendly boy. He cuddled with Matt all the way to the vet’s office. Please help Marky! Matt Miner and I are thankful for any help you can provide.

If you are able to contribute to his vet care costs you can do so securely HERE by clicking this link

To ADOPT/FOSTER Marky contact  BSLNEWS2011@gmail.com 

Please help me!

Please help me!

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6 Responses to FAR ROCKAWAY – 5/10/13 Stray Pit Bull Hit By Car Outside Our House – PLEASE HELP

  1. Raina says:

    Just sent $20 over sloane

    Sent from my iPad

  2. That was a very kind thing you did. I wish I could help but I have 8 rescues I take care of all on my own..God Bless you all

  3. msphillyg says:

    Gosh, I wish I could get him…I remember when I first read the article on the Examiner, I cried like a baby and my two Pittie girls were so warm and loving to me. I kept wondering what happened to him and he was well and got a loving home which he so deserves. I wish I could get him but unfortunately I am headed to school to the dreaded Miami- Dade (Pit Bull Haters) county. I am taking my two girls with me but since one is a full Pit Bull and the other is a Pit Mix I have to hopefully live in a hotel in Broward County in Oct for the 6mths for school. There is no way on earth I will stay there longer than that because even in Broward county I am getting alot of flack with my two girls so I am hoping and praying after I drive all the way there they won’t go back on there word. I wish I could sponsor him until we get back to civilization (Philly or Delaware) and he would have two big sisters and a loving mom to take care of him and love him fur ever. I will donate to him and I hope his foster home realize how lucky they are. I am going to keep checking in on him and if some one steps up and grabs this little darling atleast he will have a loving home even if its not mine.

  4. Rockmangames says:

    Beautiful dog.. Thanks for adopting him. I hate most people.. I HATE MOST PEOPLE, I say that again!

    They are the scum of the Earth.. Blame the Reporters on TV for saying about PITBULL is dangerous and blah blah. Pitbull dogs are not dangerous at all. NONE! The owners are the dangerous and loveless people ever!!!! Yes, I forgave those people because God is love but only God will judge them through their hearts. Anyway, they made me vomit and sick to my stomach.

    Dogs/Cats rules and best animals than most people!

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