URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Help Save Abused Pit Bull Lea’s Eye

By Sloane Quealy-Miner, EMAIL: BSLNEWS2011@gmail.com

leaUPDATE: Lea is all better and READY for a loving family of her own. She LOVES to play fetch in our backyard and then cuddle :) GREAT with dogs and kids. CONTACT bslnews2011@gmail.com

Lea's eye stitched up

Lea’s eye stitched up

The Far Rockaway Rescue Project was able to rescue Lea from a horrifying life of cruelty and abuse. Now, your help is needed to save her eye. Lea was turned out into the streets from one of the dangerous housing projects here in Far Rockaway. She was thrown out like trash with a multitude of fresh cuts as well as bites, including one very serious one in her eye.

When we first met Lea she could not open her eye at all and she was in pain. When Christine opened it to see what was going on and clean it her eyeball was rolled back in her head and it was a cloudy color.

We brought her to our vet and within minutes of her arrival the doctors looking at her eye put her under sedation to see what was going on. They initially cleaned out the eye and did a scraping.  Two days later Lea underwent surgery and they stitched her eye closed with a “third eyelid” temporary implant and spacer (seen here) to help her eye heal. She has been to the vet every few days since then and needs a fianl surgery this week to complete the process of saving her eye.

PLEASE consider making a contribution to save Lea’s eye.With so many to care for lately we really need your help. Thank you!
USE PAYPAL LINK: HELP SAVE LEA’S EYE We NEED to RAISE $700.  If you would like to call the vet directly to make a contribution please call Animal Hospital of Rockaways 718-474-0500. Please tell them you wish to contribute to Lea’s upcoming surgery under Sloane Quealy-Miner

Close up of Lea's eye stitched

Close up of Lea’s eye stitched

“With Our Eyes, They will be Seen~
With Our Voices, They will be Heard~
With Our Hands, They will know Comfort~
With Our Actions, They will be FREE!”

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One Response to URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Help Save Abused Pit Bull Lea’s Eye

  1. koko3mar says:

    Sloan, Hi, I have tried donating through the paypal link a couple different days now and it is not taking my information as valid. I have called my bank and they have stated the card is good, is there another way to donate? It is only 15.00 but hopefully it helps a little. Amanda

    Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 18:20:34 +0000 To: watergirl73@hotmail.com

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