Man Savagely Tries To Kill Pit Bull With Sledgehammer – CALL TO ACTION

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

NeroWashington State animal abuser Chad Scott Miller gets only 14 days in jail for attempting to kill his pit bull by savagely beating him over the head with a sledgehammer. This incredibly sorry excuse for a human being claims that his dog Nero bit him after he hit the dog for eating a box of doughnuts. He then tries to convince the court that he was looking out for the safety of others by attempting to horrifically kill this innocent dog. “If I gave him to somebody, and then he got bit, it was my fault. I didn’t know what to do.” I can only imagine what other horrors this poor dog had to endure at the hands of Chad Scott Miller.

While Judge Gary Bashor has prohibited this abuser from owning pets for two years and fined him $5000 I am deeply troubled by remarks he made when handing out sentencing. In making his ruling, Judge Bashor noted the case was “difficult” because Miller was trying to euthanize, not torture, the dog. “Had he been successful, we wouldn’t even be here today,” Bashor said. I don’t see anything difficult about it. Nor do I see any cause to show mercy towards Chad Scott Miller. I personally find Judge Bashor’s statements extremely offensive.

Animal abuser Miller never would have had charges filed against him if it weren’t for the determination of Mike Nicholson and his team from The Humane Society in Longview, WA. This heinous act of cruelty happened in October of 2012. Fortunately they were able to build a case before the three year statute of limitations had run out. Luckily Nero escaped the brutal attack and is doing well. He is awaiting an adopter at The Humane Society. Nero was in foster care for months recovering from the skull fractures and now is at the shelter where he enjoys the company of other dogs as well as the staff.

ADOPT Nero! CONTACT Longview Humane Society HERE
(360) 577-0151

Mail Judge Gary Bashor
Hall of Justice
312 SW First Avenue
Kelso, WA 98626
360 577-3085

Chad Scott Miller

Chad Scott Miller

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7 Responses to Man Savagely Tries To Kill Pit Bull With Sledgehammer – CALL TO ACTION

  1. This man disgusts me, as well as the attitude of the judge. IF Miller had killed Nero, he wouldn’t be on trial – WHY? Isn’t the death of a dog considered a crime, or is a dog still property? A TRUE dog owner/parent loves his/her pet like a family member, and any one who things less should NOT OWN A PET. I pray Miller doesn’t attempt to EVER own a dog again, and that Karma bites both the judge and Miller in the butt.

  2. msphillyg says:

    Sound like this idiot murder got off easy…only two years of not owning a should have been forever. The judges comment is disgusting. I am glad Nero is doing great and I am hoping and praying this beautiful boy finds a loving home. I was just asking about him on the Examiner website when they mention this disgusting idiot was being charged.

  3. lindasbloggingnow says:

    Judge Gary Bashor is just as responsible for the suffering of this animal and only God knows how many others like this defenseless dog. Shame on Judge Gary Bashor for not having ethics or a heart. The punishment does not suit the crime. Until the legal system and government have leaders with ethics animals will continue to be tortured. There has to be much stricter charges and fines for this epidemic of animal abuse.

  4. Sue Marston says:

    The perpetrator and the judge both disgust me. Lowlifes, the pair of them!

  5. SHAME SHAME on “judge” Gary Bashor. He is obviously a pitbull/animal hater and SHOULD NOT be allowed to judge cases involving animals. He is no better than any “racist” judge and obviously is incapable of making a clear judgement becuase of his bias. DISGUSTING that the good people of WA do not see and do not seem to care that he is making judgments with this impairment. BOOOOOOOO on WA and the people who do NOTHING to protect animals.

  6. Put that man alone in a room with a baby or an elderly stroke victim and if he believes he’s in private and the victim cannot talk, he will torture them, being careful to leave no physical evidence. This is the sort of “man” he must be to have sledgehammered a dog because he ate some donuts. WTF ever happened to humanity? The judge’s statement further shows the decline of this species. Hope it gets erased, permanently.

  7. This disgusting piece of human offal doesnt deserve to be free .. he should pay dearly for his cruelty and as for the judge in this case he needs to be disbarred from the HUMAN RACE as well!

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