Pit Bull Puppy Dead In Backyard, Snow Settled On His Body, Animal Control Didn’t See Him – CALL TO ACTION

By Sloane Quealy-Miner

Whiteside Animal Control

Whiteside Animal Control

Rock Falls, Illinois – Heartbreak over the needless death of yet another innocent pit bull whose name we don’t even know. This one year old baby boy, who I am now calling Pittie Doe, was found dead in a backyard, curled up in a cage on a small blanket with empty bowls. Snow had settled on his lifeless body.

The dog’s neglected body was found on March 24th by a worker hired to clean the property after the former tenants, owners of this dog moved more than a week ago.

Shockingly The Whiteside County Animal Control had been to the property looking for the dog after they received a call from the owner’s estranged wife who told authorities the dog was being neglected in the basement of the home. When The Whiteside County Animal Control Officers went to investigate, no one was home; they left a note.

The actions of the Animal Control Officers are inexcusable! Why wasn’t the outside property thoroughly searched? Why did they not look through windows in order to establish the house was vacant? If they had done this they could have then called police and or the owner of the property to gain access to the inside of the house immediately. Why can’t they do their job?

Pitty Doe never knew the touch of a gentle, loving hand. He was failed not only by his owners, but the neighbors who didn’t intervene, and finally by the animal control officers who turned their backs and walked away. Pittie Doe might have had a second chance if the responding Animal Control Officers had done their job. Their negligent actions could be responsible for the death of this precious baby boy and they should be called out for it.


CONTACT The Whiteside County Animal Control animalcontrol@whitesidehealth.org

The Whiteside County Animal Control
1701 Industrial Park Rd
Rock Falls, IL 61071
(815) 626-2230

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2 Responses to Pit Bull Puppy Dead In Backyard, Snow Settled On His Body, Animal Control Didn’t See Him – CALL TO ACTION

  1. msphillyg says:

    This a utter fail by the lousy disgusting putrid owner, the worthless animal control who clearly didn’t do there job. They didn’t bother to check for the poor Puppy Doe and they didn’t do a follow up with the person who made the complaint. Clearly if they did, this poor puppy would have been saved and in a warm loving home. The ones who failed this puppy should pay…with their jobs and the no good owner needs some serious jail time and a massive fine.

  2. Sue Marston says:

    I am sure there are exceptions to the rule, but in my experience as an activist and rescuer for over 40 years, most animal reg. departments and even “humane” societies and SPCA’s are not interested in preventing or punishing cruelty to animals – just getting their money and exerting their power.

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