Save George’s Life, Send Him To Sanctuary – TIME SENSITIVE!

GeorgeGeorgeGeorgeUPDATE: June 20th -We have reached GOAL! George will be going to SANCTUARY! Thank you to everyone who shared and contributed! TO SAVE GEORGE’S LIFE PLEASE CLICK HERE

Meet George, This precious 1 year old little boy is depending on us to give him another chance at life. We rescued him from running the mean streets of Far Rockaway, New York on March 22, 2014. He was scared and showed signs of neglect. George went to our incredible vet for the next 10 days where he was neutered, fully vetted and loved by all.

George’s next stop was to his loving foster home. His foster parents, who also have another rescued pittie, welcomed George with open arms. They worked with him through his anxiety issues as well as separation issues that became apparent shortly after his arrival. George and the resident dog got along and often played but unfortunately a fight broke out between the two one day. In an effort to stop the fight George’s foster mom inserted herself in the fight in an attempt to break it up. Unfortunately this resulted in George causing her severe injury. Please know his foster parents want nothing more than for George to be safe. They love him very much.

While George may never re-direct and injure someone again, there is the chance he could. And because of this possibility and the severity of the injuries none of the many reputable rescues or trainers I have spoken to are willing to take George in. They would not be comfortable ever placing him in a home. Furthermore it has been repeatedly recommended to me to put him to sleep. George has been back at my vet now for almost two weeks while we have been desperately trying to find help for him. He is a sweet and loving boy and deserves another chance.

A wonderful Sanctuary has offered to take George. I personally know them and they are incredible. George would be worked with there, loved, and be able to run free on acres of land. He would have a real life.

In order for George to be able to go I have to raise the $5000 donation fee. This money helps take care of George and in the course of a dog’s life really isn’t that much. However right now, to me, it is unfortunately much more than I can pay. I am begging you to PLEASE HELP SAVE GEORGE’S LIFE by donating to send him to sanctuary.


George (2)


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7 Responses to Save George’s Life, Send Him To Sanctuary – TIME SENSITIVE!

  1. Will he be going to Pack Ethic?

  2. A dog redirecting on to a person when someone is breaking up a dog fight is not abnormal behavior. Any dog has the capacity to do that. No one should break up a dog fight unless they know the safe way to do it. I am a dog trainer and I am not sure why a trainer would not tell you that and why the said they would be unwilling to place George safely. It happens time and time again when owners do not know how to safely break up a dog fight and get bit in the mix. The dog is in a heightened state and pulling a dog away without the right method will result in getting bit. It happens a lot. This incident is not a reason to send a dog to a sanctuary or to be PTS. If that was the case there would be a lot more dogs needing this type of placement.

    • BSL News says:

      Hi Diane, Yes, if it had only been a bite then it wouldnt’ be a problem. However the injuries were much more severe which is the cause for pause from trainers and rescues. Everyone I know including myself who would be ok taking him in despite what happened has no room. Since you are a trainer, would you like to take him in? Do you know someone willing to take him in? Please contact me at if you want to offer help to George. Thank you – Sloane

  3. Whooo Hooo – THANK YOU to all who helped – LOOKS like they made it – Is it TRUE, is it TRUE?

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